Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Weather! Time for a BBQ!

The weather here in southern Louisiana has been gorgeous! Me and the best have enjoyed the last week sitting on the patio, playing with the kiddos, talking and every now and then even getting a little work done! I just love the fall. The decorations, the smells the weather, pumpkin patches you name it and I love it! What better time for a BBQ??
So this weekend my hubby is up for election for town council and we have great friends in from out of town and a brand new patio, must be party time. Saturday evening we will christen the new porch with family and friends while we wait for election results and celebrate my momma's birthday. Lots of good food and of course desert. Lately in my house desert means cupcakes. I am on a mission to become a great cupcake baker. If you need inspiration check out Hoosier Homemade, lots of great ideas and even a cupcake newsletter. The cupcakes I am going to make this weekend are caramel apple with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle, perfect for the fall.
I love when we get to have everyone together. And now with the new patio we can get together at our house. Should be interesting with 9 kiddos here. Who knows, I may have some amusing stories to tell next time. Will share cupcake photos and if they come out well maybe even the recipe or at least where to go to find it!



laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

Hi Danielle! Got your post about the poem- can't find your email on your profile...I just tried the link and it worked for I'm not sure (you never know with googledocs) BUT...if you will email me with your email addy, I will email it to you directly. =) Hugs! Jennifer
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